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Road / DIstribution / Courier

The European market within road transportation has also been through consolidations over the last years.

Our belief is that by mixing the various suppliers concepts we can offer full scale solutions to our customers.

We believe in the simplicity of being able to take all bookings from a customer no matter the
destinations. Our customers are pleased with the fact that we take the responsibility of follow-up and all the other daily routines freeing up time at customers. One person at Global Solutions is fully responsible no matter which operator has moved the shipment.

We acknowledge the strength and powerfull concepts of the international courier companies and thus we are very pleased about the fact that we hold agreements with all the important courier companies.

By mixing the individual strengths of these courier companies we are able to tailor make customer
specific concepts using the courier companies only where they are strong. This gives us possibilities of moving everything from a shipment of documents to shipments of several hundred kilos globally.

Sometimes dedicated trucks are needed when time is of the essence and we have via a huge number of partners and contacts around the European market that are able to put in special trucks when needed the ability to provide very competitive solutions in this segment too.

Signe Vie


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Frederik Brosbøl Hansen

Airfreight export & courier

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Rune Holch Kristensen

Sea freight import & airfreight import, courier


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