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Air freight

Most of our staff has airfreight background and in 2009 we were approved by IATA as a direct partner enabling us to communicate directly with airlines and GSAs

Bolloré Logistics is one of the 5 largest air freight forwarders in Europe and with major hubs in Luxembourg, Paris and Frankfurt, we are working in close dialogue with our colleagues when delivering sharp solutions to major ad hoc tasks or regular services. Our hub in Luxembourg also ensures capacity from the Far East through the peak season so critical shipments can always arrive on time.

Understanding the full cost picture we realise that destination costs often is a considerable part of the total airfreight costs. Therefore we often present an alternative door/door price using our very strong contacts with the leading courier companies enabling us to give total costs and transit time at the time of request from our customers.

With this mix of alternatives we are able to assist with airfreight shipments from the smallest minimum shipment to full charter aircrafts.

We always try to present more than one solution to the customer ensuring that we not just focus on
cheapest price but also take other factors into consideration.

Anders Bonde

Key Account Manager, 

Aid & Relief

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Airfreight export & courier

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Henriette Refshøj

Airfreight export

Kim Møller Jensen

Airfreight export

Signe Vie

Import & Courier


Fredericiagade 21B
DK-7100 Vejle
Telefon: +45 7642 4080


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