We believe in integrity, in relationships with customers and suppliers but especially in relation to our employees because the team is without comparison our most important asset.

It is their expertise, experience and commitment to deliver excellence every time that ensure we provide the (extra) our customers expect from us.


Fredericiagade 21B
DK-7100 Vejle
Phone: +45 7642 4080


A.P.Møllers Allé
DK-2791 Dragør
Phone: +45 4422 3090


In 2006, I started Global Solutions A/S with an ambition to create a company that could be a counterpart to global freight forwarders.

Global Solutions A/S is today a smaller, but financially strong company, with offices in Vejle and Copenhagen Airport.

We have proven that it is possible to deliver competitive solutions in all modes of transport through good merchandising and an ultimate focus on customer service.

If we are unable to deliver an ultimate customer service every single day, the reason for our existence disappears and even if someone claims that the future transport market alone belongs to the major global freight forwarders, we believe there is room for a business that is not something for everybody - but everything to somebody.

See more about our values ​​and products elsewhere on the website and if you have questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact me.